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The Modern War Institute podcast is the flagship podcast of the Modern War Institute at West Point. Featured guests include senior military and defense leaders, scholars, and others who discuss the most important issues related to modern conflict.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep. 40 – The Future Multi-Domain Battlespace, with Gen. David Perkins

    In this episode, Gen. David Perkins, commander of US Army Training and Doctrine Command, joins to talk about Multi-Domain Battle, the new concept by which the military will fight its future wars, deploying power dynamically across multiple domains: air, land, and sea, but also space, and cyberspace. ...


  2. Ep. 39 – Surveying the Threat Landscape, with Gen. David Petraeus

    Gen. David Petraeus had a remarkable military career—including commanding the 101st Airborne Division at the beginning of the Iraq War and later commanding all forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He also served as commander of CENTCOM and, after retiring from the Army, as director of the CIA. In this ...


  3. Ep. 38 – All About the F-35

    The F-35 is the new fifth-generation fighter jet the US military expects will overcome the many challenges of the battlespace of today and tomorrow. In this episode, two former Air Force pilots, including one who was responsible for designing the F-35's cockpit, explain why this is the best fighter to ...


  4. Ep. 37 – The North Korea Challenge, with Dr. Victor Cha

    What should we make of the considerable uptick in North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile tests? What are the best tools to bring to bear against the North Korea problem? In this episode, Georgetown University's Victor Cha answers these and other questions in a fascinating conversation. ...


  5. Ep. 36 – Human Analysis in the Age of the Algorithm, with Dr. Nicholas Krohley

    In the era of big data, the minds of human analysts are no match for the processing power of computers fed with terabytes of data and armed with powerful algorithms. But MWI Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Nicholas Krohley argues in this episode that, far from obviating the need for those human ...