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The Modern War Institute podcast is the flagship podcast of the Modern War Institute at West Point. Featured guests include senior military and defense leaders, scholars, and others who discuss the most important issues related to modern conflict.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. How the Islamic State Happened

    How did ISIS manage to take control of so much territory, imposing its will politically and inflicting an immense amount of damage? How should we make sense of its origins and evolution as an organization? And does a better understanding of the group enable us to anticipate what form it ...


  2. What's Going on in North Korea?

    What's going on in North Korea? Is Kim Jong-Un alive or dead? We don’t actually know—and that's remarkable. The country is in the midst of a situation that could have serious ramifications for the region and for international security. This episode features a conversation with Dr. Van Jackson about just ...


  3. How Countries Decide to Go to War

    In this episode of the MWI Podcast, Jake Miraldi speaks to Cornell University associate professor and MWI adjunct scholar Dr. Sarah Kreps about her research on how countries go to war, especially democracies where the expenditure of blood and treasure impacts public support for military operations. Note: This episode was originally released ...


  4. Nuclear Weapons on a Shifting Strategic Landscape

    This episode features a conversation with retired US Air Force Gen. Kehler, former commander of US Strategic Command, which oversees America's strategic nuclear arsenal. He talks about how deterrence has changed since the Cold War, and what role he sees for nuclear weapons in the face of new global security ...


  5. What Can the US Military Do to Support the COVID-19 Response?

    In some states, the National Guard has been called on to play a role in the government's efforts to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, and there have also been calls to leverage active-duty forces to further bolster resources and capabilities. But the deployment of the military on US soil has ...